Friday Night Box edit by Foogie

New edit by Foogie from this Friday’s box session.  Also congrats to everybody that held it down this weekend. Mason got 1st, Jarrod Banning 2nd, Andy Broom 3rd, Doghouse Dan 4th, & Balle 5th.

“Texas Blading” Promo by Kristian Payne

“Texas Blading” is a short online video idea brought to you by Kristian Payne.

“I plan on filming as many people from Texas as I possibly can while traveling from Dallas to Austin, Houston, and as many other cities that I can afford to make it to. Filming will begin September 15th and end November 30th. Updates will be posted to let everyone know when I’ll be in each city and which cites I’ll be making it out to.”
– Kristian Payne

“Texas Blading” – Promo from Kristian Payne on Vimeo.