GBC 2nd Annual South Side Soirée

Check out the South Side Soirée edit and write-up by Jay, captured in only the way Jay can do.

ONE Magazine – SPS2: The One about the Grind Box by Frank Stoner

Frank just finished part 2 of “The One about the Grind Box” for his ONE Magazine blog…check it out.

The One about the Grind Box (Pt 1)

The One about the Grind Box (Pt 2)

“Waterloo” Leftovers Guest edit(s) by Jay Geurink

Being lazy I offered this footage to anybody that wanted it for any projects they were working on…but Jay decided to make a Leftovers Guest Edit.  Check out both versions.


Alternate version

ONE Magazine – Austin Reps Hard in “Waterloo”

A handful of days ago Justin hit me up to do a Q&A about “Waterloo” for the ONE website and Greg King contributed some dope pics.  This went up the day after the premiere. It’s a little long but worth the read.  Thanks again to everybody that showed up.  Hope y’all dug it.

ONE Magazine – Texas Skate Series Shreds San Antonio

Check out this write-up on the San Antonio competition Heath did for ONE Magazine.  Photos by Eric Milliren and Greg King.