ONE Magazine – SPS2: The One about the Grind Box by Frank Stoner

Frank just finished part 2 of “The One about the Grind Box” for his ONE Magazine blog…check it out.

The One about the Grind Box (Pt 1)

The One about the Grind Box (Pt 2)

ONE Magazine – Texas Skate Series Shreds San Antonio

Check out this write-up on the San Antonio competition Heath did for ONE Magazine.  Photos by Eric Milliren and Greg King.

My Last Weekend In Austin: By Cody Sanders

Before I ever got the chance to move to Austin, everyone I had known from there had already moved away.
So by the time I had decided to uproot from my current situation and give the town a go, I no longer had the huge catalog of friends that I used to. The new scene that I was experiencing was larger than it had ever been, but it didn’t have the essence of a “community” like what I’d enjoyed coming from a smaller town.

That was about to change.

Over time, with some effort, a handful of the older heads had everyone’s numbers and were making sessions, bbq’s and camp outs a regular thing. People from all around TX were taking notice of the amazing scene we were creating and Austin was getting new recruits every month.
During this time, a few of us, myself included, experienced some hardships and were taken in by our friends until we could get back on our feet.

(Sidenote: Austin has the tastiest waves a couch surfer has ever seen!)

With the amount of selflessness going around, it didn’t take long for all of my friends to feel like family.

My homies

The Good Guys – Photo: Greg King

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